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Date of Birth : 24 September 1987 , New York
Birth Name : Spencer Treat Clark
Nickname : Spencer
Height : 1.83 m
Sign : Libra
Hair : Blonde

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Spencer Treat Clark born on September 24, 1987. He is an American Actor who has appeared in several films, including Gladiator, Mystic River, and Unbreakable. .... Read More


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Latest Spencer Treat Clark Projects

You Were Once Called Queen City (Film)

You Were Once Called Queen City (Film)

It's 1998 in Dickinson, North Dakota and the beloved Dickinson High School mascot, the Fighting Midget, is under assault by pc-minded townsfolk who prefer the less threatening moniker, the Fighting Pheasant. And Danny Mesersmits, an average teen and ...Read More

Deep Dark Canyon (Film)

Deep Dark Canyon (Film)

Bloom Towne is a small-town sheriff under the thumb of the well-established, deeply influential Mayor Dick Cavanaugh's family. When Bloom's two teenage sons, Nate and Skylar accidentally shoot and kill Dick during a deer-hunt, Bloom's long-held alleg...Read More

Much Ado About Nothing (Film)

Much Ado About Nothing (Film)

Much Ado About Nothing is the first feature from Bellwether, a micro-studio created by Whedon and his wife Kai Cole. It was shot entirely on location at Whedon's house in Santa Monica in 12 days. The film was shot in black and white by director of ph...Read More


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